The ideas protocol is a razor-thin newsletter for folks interested in crypto and philosophy

I will be honest with you; I hate newsletters. I hit unsubscribe on almost every mailing list ever. Yet here I am, pitching you on another damn email list.

So why the hypocrisy?

I’m making this newsletter to share and receive feedback on specific resources and ideas that I believe have value. That doesn’t always happen “weekly”; it happens when I’ve found something important. It could just be a link; it could be an entire essay.

My interests tend to be in computing, economics, physics, and philosophy. If I ever had any useful information, it would be in these areas. We have access to over ten times the library of Alexandria at our fingertips with the internet. I love finding unusual gems on the latest moves in open-source microprocessor architecture or new developments in the Cairo startup ecosystem. I want to share some of these insights and learn alongside people who are excited about the same things.

So to be clear:

If this mailing list sounds interesting to you, it would mean a lot to me if you were to consider subscribing and sharing it with a friend.

A. D. A.